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100 Nexus 7 in Art Exhibit

An exhibit at Art Basel in Miami, called CNNCTD+100, shows off 100 works from New York-based artists, which combine video and audio to make a unique statement about New York culture. chipchick

Roger McNamee is an Idiot

He said “If you go back two years ago, [Android] was an incredibly diverse market with lots of different suppliers doing well. Now it is consolidated so it is basically Samsung and the 78 dwarves.” (via Forbes)

Let’s see the so called android “dwarves”

1. LG (second biggest phone manufacturer in the world)
2. Lenovo (Biggest PC maker in the world)
3. Sharp (Biggest smartphone maker in Japan. Second largest screen maker in the world)
4. Sony (largest consumer electronic maker in the world)
5. Huawei (largest tecos equipment maker in the world)
6. ZTE (top 5 handset maker in the world)
7. HTC (one of largest asian handest maker)
8. Google …
9. …

All of them are technological giants. Granted handset profit maybe not as high as Apple, but these companies have enormous know-how and capital. Take Fujitsu, they will be around few decades more after apple is gone even if they only makes a handful of android handset. Lenovo will crush Apple and rule in consumer computing space long after apple is forgotten. Huawei practically owns phone networks outside US. They have unlimited money…. etc.

Handset sample: Oppo Find 5. It has better camera from Sony, so Apple won’t be able to brag about its camera at all in 2013. Even if Oppo won’t be sold in US, it represents what OEM is doing in china, which I guarantee Sony will use to manufacture their next high end phone. This goes the same as CPU, Screen, chasis, etc. Apple’s component is the same as everybody else’s. Apple edge is only marketing and fan base.

The problem with this so called investors, they are looking for easy way to call a stock. But Fujitsu, HTC, or Samsung are not exactly easy to bet money on like AAPL. Hope they get squeezed hard in 2013.

If LG and Fujitsu are dwarves, then Apple is a three legged cat.

Exmor RS sensor coming to Oppo Find 5; see first photo samples

Apple vs. Android. Oh it’s on.

To continue the long thread on Android vs. Apple marketshare skirmish from