22nm Finfet Overrated. Intel Needs A Hit.

Intel can’t seem to catch a break. Finfet supposed to be Intel ace to beat ARM low power and break smartphone/tablet market. But it seems Finfet won’t come into play until beyond 20nm. Intel really need a winning chip out soon, not 2015 or beyond. Otherwise they won’t never be able to break critical mass against ARM overwhelming marketshare. Both Samsung and TSMC are accelerating their 28nm ramp up and 20nm start. Intel is going to be in serious pain if 64bit arms gain market traction. Intel will be a goner within 2 years.

28nm FD-SOI Beats 22nm Finfet For Low Power.

FD-SOI with metal gate last will be the winning process technology at 28nm and 20nm, with finfets proving to be a second-rate solution, says Professor Asen Asenov, professor of Electrical Engineering at Glasgow University who is founder and CEO of the leading statistical variablity company Gold Standard Simulations.
“Putting FD-SOI with metal gate last will be an absolutely stunning technology,” says Asenov, “this technology will be the absolute winner and it also solves the problems at 20nm. If the companies which use it play their cards well, they will have a competitive advantage.”

This means finfets will not be needed for a generation or two, while the only company using finfets – Intel – has not seen it deliver any significant advantage in terms of low power.

“In terms of low power, Intel’s 22nm finfet process has no big advantage compared to Intel’s 32nm bulk process,” says Asenov. electronicsweekly

“The real numbers are not very impressive, IBM got much better numbers and Intel’s own 45- and 65-nm numbers were better,” he claimed.

Sahidi blamed parasitics that resulted from Intel’s decision to dope the FinFET structures. “If they go down this path to 14 and 10 nm of doping, it gets worse–you have to be un-doped,” Sahidi said. eetimes


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